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Offbeat Interview Gerrit

Offbeat Interview Series with Gerrit

Gerrit ‘Baby Moose’ Egnew

Gerrit was raised in McCall, Idaho with his younger sister Kathryn. From a young age, his parents encouraged outdoor adventures and activities, thus fostering his passion for recreational sports. Today, in his free time he engages in his favorite seasonal sports; skiing, climbing, running, and kayaking. He likes to travel internationally but especially likes traveling in the American West. Of all of the places he’s traveled, the Desert Southwest and Japan call to Gerrit the most. He would live in Japan forever if he could.

Gerrit is currently finishing up a degree in Biological Engineering at Montana State University in Bozeman. As for how he will use it? There are so many options that he’s not sure yet.

This past November, Gerrit ran his first 50-mile race in Moab, UT and hopes to run another one someday.

Fun fact: Gerrit loves to sew and has been doing so mostly since he started University. Recently he cast his torso in plaster and then filled it with foam. He then cut the plaster off of the foam and plans on using the foam mold as a fit guide to make shirts for himself. If you’ve never met Gerrit, he is 6’5″ and thin, therefore on a perpetual quest to find shirts that fit hence the reason he’s decided to make his own.

The Interview

If you could be a river superhero, what would you be?  The Mysterious Parrot

What is your favorite dress up theme?  Fabulous AF 

What is your ‘go to’ crazy hat night creation?  Different every time! 

What brought you to Canyons?  A childhood in McCall and on rivers.      

How many years have you worked here?  Three seasons.   

What is your favorite thing about Canyons?  The people and the place are indescribable. 

If you could describe Canyons in 3 words?  Exceeds all expectations!

When you hear the word Idaho, what comes to mind?  Home?!

What are your top three favorite camps?  Ship Island, Loon Creek, Big Snag

Your favorite hike?  Big Creek

Top three favorite rapids?  Redside, Tappan, Vinegar Creek  

Currently, what is your nemesis rapid?  All of the first day on the Middle Fork. 

What river do you want to run that you haven’t yet?  All of them?! The Futaleufu.

What do you consider a ‘real’ job?  What do you consider “real”?  

If you could only have one kayak in your quiver, what would it be and why?  Liquid Logic Braaap, because it’s fun in everything.

What is your favorite thing to cook on the river?  Eggs to order. 

If you could take a musician or band down the river today, who would it be?  Pert Near Sandstone  

What is your most memorable swim in a river?  On last year’s training trip I whiffed a boof, went for a tumble in a hole and swam in front of all my coworkers. Whoops.

What is one of your river rituals or superstitions?  Booty beers must be offered to the river gods, or bad things will continue to happen.

What is your most valued non-river related item that you bring with you on every trip?  Books!

What is your favorite groover spot?  Oh man, this is a great question. I’m a big fan of putting the groover on the top of the Marble Left cliffs. Not a kosher Canyons location, however.

About Ariana Lowe

Running rivers is one of the greatest passions in Ari’s life. Ari’s warm demeanor, kind spirit, sense of adventure, and endless creative talents are a huge part of TEAM CANYONS. Ari is an avid kayaker, skilled oarsman and talented watercolor artist.

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