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  • Never been Rafting in Idaho?
  • Rafting on the Middle Fork with Canyons
  • These trips will make your kids giggle
  • Never been Rafting in Idaho?
  • Rafting on the Middle Fork with Canyons
  • These trips will make your kids giggle
  • These trips will make your kids giggle
  • Never been Rafting in Idaho?
  • Rafting on the Middle Fork with Canyons
  • Rafting on the Middle Fork with Canyons

A variety of Boats

No prior rafting experience is necessary to take a trip with Canyons. With our “soft options”, you can choose your own level of participation and excitement from our variety of boats. Ride along on a stable oar raft, enjoy the teamwork of a paddle raft, or go solo or tandem in an inflatable kayak. Should you want a change of pace, you can switch around between any of them during the trip. We stop several times throughout our days and can trade crafts so that everyone gets a chance to check out the different options.

Hardshell kayakers, whitewater canoeists and rafters with Class III-IV experience and necessary skill requirements are welcome to join us. More information about this below.

Here are your choices:

Oar Rig

Boats Canyons Oar raft in Cove Creek rapid on the Middle Fork of the Salmon


If it’s the lounge experience you are looking for, hop on one of our 18’ oar rigs. A Team Canyons guide will row you down the river while you just ride along. Take in the scenery, enjoy a good conversation, fish or just relax. Our professional guides love to share what they know of the place, tell historical stories and perhaps regale you with a few tall tales!


Paddle Raft

Canyons Paddle Boats in Cove Creek rapid on the Middle Fork of the Salmon


Team players and speed demons will love our paddle raft! You won’t want to miss a turn in our 16’ paddle raft, where you will join a team of 4 to 6 of your fellow river runners and maneuver the boat downstream, with a Team Canyons guide at the back. No experience? No problem! Our guides will instruct you on how to paddle, when to paddle and when to just hold on! The paddle boat is an exciting way to be active, participate and experience the thrill of the rapids, without the pressure of choosing your own line.



Inflatable KayaksCanyons Duckie catching air in a rapid on the Salmon river

Are you in for high adventure… solo? We bring a fleet of inflatable kayaks, or duckies as we call them on the river. Again, no experience is required here, just your sense of adventure! Our guides will instruct you on proper technique and away you’ll go, downstream to try your hand at reading the river. Team Canyons guides will give you a description of rapids and advice before you head out into the whitewater. Jump in our tandem IK with your partner for an experience that will test you, and your relationship!

(experienced rowers only)

Canyons is happy to host you and your loved ones in your own raft. We require that you are comfortable rowing in comparable conditions (please call our office to discuss). We also ask that you are comfortable with reading and running rapids on the fly, have experience rowing Class III-IV whitewater and can get your raft to and from the river.

HARD SHELL Kayaking & Canoeing Options
(for experienced paddlers only)

We take pride in being the premier outfitter for hard shell boaters, looking for a raft supported river trip. When we have hardshell boaters on a trip, we will have a guide in a kayak, to orient you to the river and the runs, as well as to offer assistance if necessary; Our kayak guides have been Olympic world champions, kayak instructors, playboaters and expedition paddlers.

We do have SKILL LEVEL REQUIREMENTS for Hardshell Kayakers and Whitewater Canoeists

For these requirements please click here: KAYAK/CANOE SKILL REQUIREMENTS


You will need to reserve these in advance. You are also welcome to bring your own.


To view our hardshell kayaks, click here: KAYAKS


Decked Solo Canoes: Perception Gyramax, Dagger Atom.
Solo Open Canoes: Whitesell Descender; Mad River ME; Outrage X; Mohawk Viper; Dagger Encore, Impulse, Rival.     Tandem Open Canoes: Dagger-Caption, Dagger- Caper( both can be solo-ed, too).