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What to bring

What to Bring

We’ll provide a waterproof bag (16″ diameter by 32″ high) for the majority of your things that you will not need to get to until we reach camp each evening, such as your clothes and sleeping bag,  Each guest will also receive a smaller waterproof dry-bag for day-use items including your camera, hiking shoes, sunscreen, fleece, raincoat, etc. that you can easily get to during the day as we float downstream. The raft cargo boxes can accommodate extra overflow items such as a video camera or liquor.

We’ll also provide roomy 2-person tents (we assume couples or siblings will share, and single folks will prefer a private tent to themselves. Let us know if it’s not obvious how many tents to bring for you or your group), 2″thick sleeping pads, camp chairs, souvenir water bottles, type V rafting lifejackets / helmets / wetsuits for rafters and inflatable kayakers (hard shell kayakers and whitewater canoeists will need to bring their own paddling wear/gear such as drysuit/top, helmet, PFD, skirt, paddle, etc).

To accommodate space and weight constraints, we ask that you limit your baggage weight to 35 lbs. per person, and pack your things into duffel bags or soft packs; no suitcases, external frame packs, or wheeled luggage.

Here’s a list of the things we suggest bring with you on the river. These items will ensure you’ll be comfortable on cool mornings and hot afternoons.

  • Soft duffel bag(s) or pack(s), no suitcases, frame packs or rolling luggage
  • 1 sleeping bag, warm to 32 degrees (bag available to rent if you prefer, $35+6% tax)
  • 1 swimsuit
  • 1-2 pairs shorts
  • 1-2 pairs long pants
  • 1-2 long-sleeved shirts
  • 3-4 short-sleeved shirts
  • 1 pair river sandals/shoes for on-river wear
  • 1 pair of tennis shoes or light boots for in-camp wear / short hikes
  • 1 set of synthetic or wool long underwear for sleeping, or on-river insulation
  • 1 synthetic/fleece sweater for river wear
  • 1 heavy sweater, sweatshirt or jacket for warmth in camp
  • 1 hat for sun protection
  • 1 hat for warmth (early and late season)
  • Sunglasses with retention strap
  • 1 raincoat and pants (no ponchos on river, for safety reason)
  • 1 small towel and personal toiletries (ie, toothbrush, toothpaste)
  • Small flashlight or headlamp
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Small pillow

Here are some additional optional items:

  • Reading material
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Neoprene booties/gloves for warmth on the water and to protect against paddling blisters
  • Tent (we provide, but if you prefer to use your own, please let us know)
  • Wetsuit (we provide, but if you prefer to use your own, please let us know)
  • Fishing tackle (single, barbless hooks only; licenses are required and can be purchased at Idaho sporting goods stores or through Idaho Department of Fish and Game online at or toll-free (800) 554-8685)
  • Additional drinks, preferably in unbreakable containers (we provide about 2 beers and 2 sodas/sparkling waters or juices per person per day, and wine with dinner)
  • Party shirt or skirt (happy hour and dinner times are festive!)
  • Tips for the crew*

*Gratuities For Guides:  Tips for guides are at your discretion, but always appreciated. During your time on the river, your guides serve many roles:  river professional, chef, historian, naturalist, hiking guide, storyteller….the list goes on, and these folks work long and hard each day to provide you with an exceptional experience.  If you feel your crew did an outstanding job and you wish to thank them, a gratuity between $200-$250 per guest is customary and given to your Trip Leader to be split evenly amongst your guides.  For example, a family of 4 might tip between $800-$1000 in total.

KAYAKERS and CANOEISTS- need to bring all of your personal paddling equipment, including: helmet, PFD, spray skirt, paddle, sponge or bailer, throw bag and optional rescue equipment. Dry top or paddle jacket and synthetic sweaters are usually all you need for warmth during July and August. We recommend that you bring dry tops or dry-suits for June or September trips. CANYONS provides a spare paddle for the group. Our kayaks are equipped with stern airbag(s), adjustable hip pads, and adjustable foot braces. Knee pads are glued down and all canoes have airbags and painters. We bring along spray adhesive and mini-cell foam for custom outfitting if needed.


CASCADE RIVER GEAR (Boise): 1-800-223-RAFT (7238);

IDAHO RIVER SPORTS (Boise): 1- 800-936-4844;

RIVERWEAR (Stanley): 1-208-774-3592;