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Blue Moon Yurt

Blue Moon Yurt… RIVER TRIP MAGIC in Winter!

Blue Moon Yurt Magic

by Kelli O’Keefe.

If you’ve been on a river trip with Canyons, chances are you know Whizzy! Lisa “Whizzy” Whisnant is one of our lead guides and has been around Canyons for a very long time. Legend. She is full of knowledge, charisma, compassion, and has a contagious and positive attitude that makes you want to surround yourself by her all of the time!

Not only is Whizzy a fantastic river guide, but she is also the owner and chef of the Blue Moon Yurt based in McCall, ID. The Blue Moon Yurt first opened in 1996, and is an off the grid restaurant that combines winter adventures (Snowshoe and Nordic Skiing) with a five course gourmet meal that will rock your flavor zone! Each night at the Blue Moon Yurt provides a unique culinary experience for all those who dine at the Yurt.
The Blue Moon Yurt is completely off the grid, and there is no power or electricity. Each day all of the food, gear, and water is packed into a jumbo sled and pulled behind a snowmobile to the yurt. Once at the yurt, the prep crew lights the stoves, builds a fire, turns on some “soft Jazz” and dinner is prepped inside the cozy yurt hours before the guests arrive.

The evening starts in the parking lot at Jug Mountain Ranch where guests will gear up with the snowshoes and nordic skis and follow a trail lit by tiki torches. The trail winds thru the forest about ¾ a mile to the Blue Moon Yurt which is nestled under the pines. Guests will find their way inside the candlelit yurt, to one of three long tables where they are greeted with a cup of Whizzy’s homemade cider served off the wood burning stove.
After a toast by Whizzy, there is a quick round of introductions, and a brief overview of the fantastic five course meal everyone is about to share.
Whizzy welcomes everyone to the magic of the Blue Moon Yurt and encourages guests to get up and meet people from other tables. She believes that food is a catalyst for conversation, and typically there are lots of new friendships that are formed throughout the dinner.
As the evening unfolds, guests will enjoy a multi course meal of global delights which include two tasty appetizers, a delicious salad, a fabulous entre’ and a decadent dessert! Guests always leave happy and full, and with clean plate awards!

When Whizzy first came up with the idea to start the Blue Moon Yurt, She wanted to create a river trip style experience in one night. She has definitely achieved that, and each night at the Yurt truly resembles a magical night on the Salmon River. Even when we are in the middle of winter, we can dream of summer and think of the amazing times we get to share on the river!

Lisa Whisnant canyons river guide
Whizzy has recruited a great staff this winter and has many Canyons Guides working for her including Tessa, Jamie, Avery and myself. We are all stoked to be a part of the Blue Moon Yurt Magic, and can’t stay away!
If you find yourself in McCall this winter, be sure to give Whizzy a call and make a reservation for a night your tastebuds will never forget! And if you want to try some of her incredible food creations on the river, come be our guest on Team Canyons’ Annual Wine and Culinary Trip!

Here is a link to the Blue Moon Yurt Website

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