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Canyons Cuisine

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Our FOOD PHILOSOPHY is simple: We use local & organic foods, prepared with tender care, and served to you. We believe food is LOVE and we want to cook you the most flavorful and freshest menu possible.

River guide chopping potatoes river cuisine

Here at Canyons, we are passionate about our cuisine. And much of what we serve is literally OUR food. We choose to keep our ingredients as local as possible, including harvesting straight from our warehouse gardens! That’s right, we grow our own food, cultivate it, whip it up into a fabulous meal, and serve it directly to you and your family. You see, we have a strong sense of serving creative, wholesome, delicious meals where we know where the ingredients came from. We want to have you feeling better than ever on your vacation and that includes providing nourishing meals with the freshest of ingredients.

We grow many cold-weather vegetables including a variety of greens like kale and lettuces for our daily salads. Many of our fresh spices like cilantro, rosemary, basil, and dill are direct from our gardens as well.

  • We shop for many of our menu ingredients at the local Farmers Market in downtown McCall.
  • We buy some of our Salmon from the local Nez Perce tribe. Translation: we serve Salmon that has swum this spring in the Salmon River. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Our meats are local to Idaho and most are grass-fed and free-range. We also utilize the local market and health food store in McCall for the majority of our produce and dry goods.
  • Even our eggs are farm fresh from just down the street off Farm to Market Road.
  • And our McCall grown purple potatoes are usually dug out of the ground the day we rig a trip.
  • Our local baker in McCall helps us to provide scrumptious cookies, muffins, and cakes.

We all love cooking at Canyons and it is great fun to create culinary masterpieces, particularly on the river. We take a certain pride in our menu. Even our handmade Maryland Crabcakes are flown out from the Chesapeake. We offer the real deal when it comes to our menu, and love goes into every meal.

river cuisine fresh saladTake a gander at our menu and realize that you will eat regally when it comes to our trips. Whether you are a foodie or not, we know your taste buds will be pleased and you’ll be happily surprised at what we can provide from a few coolers and dry boxes.

And if you are a foodie, check out our FOOD and WINE trip offered every August 28th-September 2, where we really bump it up a notch. We host a revamped menu each year with Lisa “WHIZZY” Whisnant as our head chef. Whizzy is one of our lead guides and owns and operates her own restaurant in the winter months. She has some serious skills when it comes to cuisine. We pair this trip with wine selections from around the globe, as well as from local vintners from Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. This is always a popular trip and a wonderful way to experience the wilderness, in style. It is edible art that will dazzle your palette.

Canyons MENU

Breakfasts TO ORDER…every morning.

Assorted cereals and granola, yogurts, fresh fruits, and toasted English muffins or bagels are available for the early risers. An open grill every morning offers eggs to order and pancakes. Each day features bacon or sausage, and specialties such as veggie hash browns, Mexican “migas” (a guide favorite), French toast, or omelets to order.


A sandwich smorgasbord with a wide variety of deli-sliced meats and cheeses, fresh vegetables, gourmet condiments, peanut butter and jelly, and assorted whole-grain bread and rolls. Other days will feature specialties including smoked trout on bagels, hummus in pocket bread, spicy taco salad wrapped in tortillas, and curried chicken salad. Assorted chips, snacks, fresh fruits, and cookies satisfy the sweet tooths.

appetizer cuisine olives and peppersDinners

While your dinner is being prepared, mouthwatering appetizers will tease your taste buds — savory spreads, imported cheeses, crostini, crudités, and seafood. Culinary creations such as ginger/soy marinated salmon steaks; Dutch-oven spinach lasagna with pine nuts; and bacon-wrapped filet mignon with a cinnamon cabernet sauce are accompanied by such sumptuous side dishes as southwest Dutch-oven cornbread pudding or Greek salad of mixed greens tossed with feta cheese and walnuts in a tomato basil vinaigrette. Save room for such sinful desserts as our Dutch-oven baked brownies or our delicate Italian Tiramisu.

Beverages/ Libations

We serve locally roasted coffee, brewed cowboy-style. Assorted black and herbal teas, hot cocoa, and orange juice are available every morning. Chardonnay, Viognier, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon wines are served at dinner. The drink cooler is accessible all day and is filled with cold sodas, beers and ales, canned fruit juices, and sparkling waters. You’ll receive a Canyons water bottle at the beginning of your trip, and you’ll have access to freshly filtered water all day. We bring about 2 beers and 2 sparkling waters/juices per person each day. You are welcome to bring more of your own — just let us know to ensure carrying capacity.

Wine bar on the RiverSpecial Requests

We are happy to adjust the menu for special dietary needs or requests. Whether you are Vegan, Kosher, Vegetarian or have a dietary allergy, we happily provide alternatives. We just need to know your preferences and needs ahead of time so that we can plan and pack accordingly. We always have trail mix, dried fruit, and treats for between-meal snacks. We bring marshmallows and special treats for kids and have champagne for special occasions. Please, let us know if there’s a birthday or other anniversary to celebrate.  We LOVE a party and know how to host a good time!

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