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  • Never been Rafting in Idaho?
  • Rafting on the Middle Fork with Canyons
  • These trips will make your kids giggle
  • Never been Rafting in Idaho?
  • Rafting on the Middle Fork with Canyons
  • These trips will make your kids giggle
  • These trips will make your kids giggle
  • Never been Rafting in Idaho?
  • Rafting on the Middle Fork with Canyons
  • Rafting on the Middle Fork with Canyons

Why Choose Team Canyons?

We have been operating on the Salmon River since 1985, and some of our guides have been with Canyons for more than 25 of those years!

Nearly half of our guests have returned with us and some for over 15+ trips. This great success is a tribute to our incredible guides and staff.

Our amazing Crew, Team Canyons consists of an eclectic group of  folks who are dedicated stewards of these amazing rivers. At Canyons, we love what we do and are privileged to share these experiences with you. The talents of our crew go far beyond expectations.

What makes us special…

  • CRAFT VARIETY. We offer the largest variety of crafts on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers. You can be as active (or relaxed) as you want on a Canyons trip….choose from oar rafts, paddle rafts, inflatable kayaks, hard-shell kayaks, canoes, a 2-person paddle cat, and stand up paddleboards (SUPs).
  • RIVER SAFETY. Canyons founder, Les Bechdel, literally wrote the book on river safety (River Rescue) and we continue this tradition, with annual staff training and implemented protocols. With decades of experience, our safety record speaks for itself.
  • GUIDE CERTIFICATIONS. All of our guides are WFR’s (Wilderness First Responders), Wilderness EMT’s or OEC’s, are licensed through Idaho’s Licensing board and are well educated in all subjects pertaining to safety, the river, Idaho and beyond.
  • LOCAL FOOD. Many of the ingredients in our gourmet cuisine are locally grown, organic, sustainable and can be tailored to meet any dietary needs. We grow salad greens and herbs in our warehouse garden! Our guides LOVE to cook and have some serious skills in the kitchen. Whether it’s baking fresh desserts in our Dutch ovens, preparing our signature breakfast-to-order every morning, or whipping up a delicious meal, our guides have it dialed.
  • RAFT SUPPORT. For our experienced paddling guests, we have over 75 hard shell kayaks and canoes to choose from, at no additional charge, and our rafts carry all of your gear.
  • 12-DAY TRIP OPTION. Our Middle Fork & Main Salmon permits line up to combine the two rivers back-to-back, for a 12-day, 200-mile river journey….the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states. Two Rivers, one trip.
  • MORNING POETRY AND YOGA.  We like to start our days off right, allowing time to appreciate the day and stretch. Why be in a hurry? You’re on your vacation.
  • HIKES.  We love these canyons, after all, it is our name. We love them from every angle, and if you are game, we will take you there. If you are particularly interested in hiking, we suggest our June trips that provide a faster flow for more land-based exploration time.
  • SPECIALTY TRIPS. Along with our standard schedule of trips, we offer a few specialty trips: from Yoga & Kayaking, Wine Tasting, Art/Photography, Gay & Lesbian-friendly, to Women’s specific trips with an all-female staff. We guarantee that we have a trip that will suit you!
  • PHILANTHROPY. Canyons’ regularly donates trips to help support local and national causes that are important to us, including Idaho Rivers United, Treasure Valley Land Trust, McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation, Children’s Hospital, American Cancer Society, and MCPAWS Animal Shelter.

We are Family.

We take good care of our guides with a wellness program that some years includes yoga, chiropractic, and massage programs.

Full-time guides are given the opportunity to bring a family member or friend on a river trip, complimentary, each year.

We develop an annual continuing education program with our advising doctor and each spring we refresh our guides with a formal whitewater rescue course taught by leaders in the industry (which includes members of our staff).

The evident bond of our river family is our greatest asset. We believe in each other and the mission of Canyons. Our goal is to welcome you into our family and to provide you with an experience that will last a lifetime.

Our Team Mission Statement:

CANYONS is a community of lifelong paddlers and river guides, that provides the highest quality multi-day river trips on both the Middle Fork and Main Salmon rivers. We are stewards of these magnificent wild & scenic rivers and the unparalleled experience that they each offer. Canyons is a team of talented folks that facilitate guided journeys, that leave everlasting memories. We strive to provide a nurturing, healthy, invigorating, impressionable, fun, adventurous and safe vacation experience. Through our mutual passion of guiding, paddling, and exploring, we are dedicated to taking care of and bettering the lives of each other, as well as of those that we journey with. In our “Canyons Family”, our guides are driven by their love of creating & sharing the essence of river travel and the beauty of life on the river. We are committed to our role as a kayak and canoe support outfitter. We offer a variety of specialized trips, catering to a broad spectrum of people. Our chief goal, in addition to hosting and building relationships with our guests, is to heighten the experience and showcase the power and soul of these remarkable rivers: The Middle Fork and Main Salmon.

Guest Testimonials:

“Canyons family thank you for another excellent adventure. You always make the group of adventure seekers feel like friends & family, rather then just guest & guides.” ~Douglas Gallant (Middle Fork 2017, Main Salmon 2018)

Canyons completely blew away my expectations (already high) for a fabulous river trip! Greg and all the staff clearly enjoy what they do (and each of them does everything!), and it’s clear they enjoy each other’s company and interacting with guests. They were very professional, but managed to make all of us guests feel like part of their extended family. I will definitely be back for another trip with Canyons soon!” ~John Faustini (Middle Fork 2018)

“This is my second trip with Canyons on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. I can’t thank them enough for the entire experience. The guides are some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They make you feel so welcomed to the “family” and are very caring and attentive to your needs. They know the river and how to make it fun for all experience levels. From people who ask “where are the seat belts” to the experienced kayaker, they make everyone feel safe. They are not just guides to me, they have become life long friends. Oh and the food is AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend Canyons for any Salmon river needs. And lets not forget the river!! Thank you to the Salmon for allowing me the pleasure of your company…”~Scott Birdsong (Combo 2017 & 2018)

“From the first phone call to the final campfire, you’ll feel like you’re teaming up with a group of old friends.”

Team Canyons