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Cheers to A Semi “Normal” 2021!

Oh 2020. You’ve certainly made the history books and I don’t know about you, but I look forward to closing this chapter (maybe even slamming it, just for effect)! So much has happened this year and there is no need to recount it here. It’s been a wild and sobering season at Canyons but as 2020 draws to a close, the Team is feeling invigorated by the prospect of a vaccine and optimistic about next season. Cheers to a semi-“Normal” 2021!

Staying positive seems to be one of the great challenges of this year. If ever there were a year to work on your gratitude practice, this has been it! We are feeling grateful that our work is creating extraordinary experiences in a wild land that is worthy of every opportunity we can create to save it. We feel fortunate that we can offer folks the chance to get back to their true selves and create moments of deep peace. Our 2021 season looks to draw in almost 500 guests we look forward to connecting with, learning from and inspiring.

In high school, I had to take Calculus II / Trigonometry with Ms. Duncan. It was beyond challenging for me. In fact, it was like being thrown into Advanced Placement Mandarin without ever having taken the beginners course. It was rigorous, defeating, shocking, inexplicable and maddening. Now, several decades later, I still get a physical reaction when thinking of that class. My heart rate increases, my breathing becomes ragged and I could swear I’m breaking out in hives. I suspect remembering 2020 will incur the same reaction for years to come. But, however hard Ms. Duncan was, however hard that class was, I learned some very, very hard won lessons that made tiny victories ever sweeter (like the relief and exhilaration of receiving a C instead of the alternative!). And I’d like to think I’m the better for it.

So here’s to 2020. May we take in the lessons we need to from it, appreciate whatever gains were made no matter how seemingly insignificant or mediocre, and walk out of that classroom into the fresh air of a new year!

Cheers everyone to 2021! Never has a return to “normal” ever felt so needed or hoped for!

About Katie Proctor

Katie's favorite thing is being out in the wild running rivers, climbing mountains and sleeping under the stars with her son, pup and partner Colin. She is a Mama, boatwoman, yoga instructor, massage therapist, writer, mountain biker and up-for-anything adventurer!

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