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Offbeat Interview Emily

Meet Canyon’s Social Media Diva, Emily Sedgwick! Maybe you have delighted in our Facebook feed or re-lived your Salmon River adventure through the pictures and video on our Twitter posts and on Instagram. If so, then you have been touched by the work of Emily, Founder and Principal of Em and Em Marketing. In the dynamic world of social media, Emily is a wellspring of experience, ingenuity and creativity.  Pairing her graphic design and marketing expertise, she creates posts that are joyful, positive and uplifting, with the hope of spreading kindness to all of our followers, guests and interested parties. Through Emily’s endless hustle and results driven leadership, Canyons won the prestigious Thrive Award for Social Media at the America Outdoors Conference this year! All hail Canyons Social Media Diva!

When you meet Emily in person, you are immediately drawn to her vivacious personality, up-for-anything energy and 1,000 watt smile. As competitive skier and division one soccer captain, Emily knows a thing or two about focus, motivation and drive. Emily had been working in hospitality, advertising and marketing field when Canyons owner/guide Greg noticed she had a gift for seeing the beauty in things and creatively translating that beauty into social media content that underscores the values that Team Canyons lives by. Canyons strives to create community through offering deeply meaningful river trips and employing guides who are experts in their field (and experts in FUN). We recognize the value of the wilderness experience and strive to create community on our trips and back in town through honest and authentic engagement.  Emily drives our social media content to reflect these core values and add beauty and substance to the world.

As our principal marketing advisor, Emily has joined Team Canyons on many trips. Her delightful personality has earned her the titles of: river sommelier, Canyon’s Guide-In-Training-For-Life (by Canyons guide Chris Madden), official raft sunbather, hot springs activist, side canyon explorer, dishline dancer, campfire closer and rescue ducky-ing delight!

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