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Food wine Crab Cakes on the Salmon river

Food and Wine Trip


Why this adventure is SO special!

The love, the passion, and the forethought put into the delectable creations you will experience on this journey is why this is such a remarkable trip. If you love food, wine,  AND an amazing adventure, well, we have found each other. Prepared fresh daily by our amazing guides and our longtime Chef/guide Whizzy, we bring to you a menu that is specially crafted for this extraordinary adventure. It’s a work of art and a journey for the palate. Weeks, months and even years in the making, the menu for this trip is uniquely different each year. By day, you travel the river in your choice of a variety of crafts, delight in the wonders of the wilderness, hike trails built by miners in the 1800’s and explore the history of the ancients. By night, you settle into a wonderful beach camp, treat your palate to an amazing variety of wines and explore the wonders of our specially crafted culinary journey.

First, an idea is born:

Whizzy "The Instigator"

The artistry of a chef is comprised of endless factors, including imagination, education, training, palate, will, creativity and dedication. The mind of a chef is endlessly concocting, experimenting and dreaming of what foods to pair with what, be it savory or spicy, the blending of spices, the combination of flavors, the temperatures, the textures and of course with what compliments of wine. Meet Whizzy.

From farm to table:

Cast Iron Idaho Potatoes

Sourcing the ingredients can be as creative as the concocting of the recipe. At Canyons we take pride in presenting you with organic locally sourced foods wherever possible. From herbs grown in our warehouse garden to produce from the local farmers market, from local farm fresh eggs to regionally local meats to local seasonal fruits. At Canyons we take pride in our food and adamantly believe that food is love.

On the banks of the River:

Rib Eye on the grill

Daily, the crew hand prepares each meal in our traveling river kitchen on the banks of the Main Salmon River. Carefully orchestrated rubs, marinades and preparations are performed each day in anticipation of the meals to come, sometimes for that day, sometimes for days to come. Sauces and marinades prepared prior to the trip, await their turn to delight your taste buds as their flavors ripen.

Bringing it all together: THE MAGIC

food wine Crab Cakes appetizer on the salmon river

As the sunset casts warm colors across the landscape, the crew will make final touches to the creation of the evening, plating the meal into a beautiful array of colors and contrast. Whizzy will gather the group and present the mouthwatering experience that awaits your enjoyment. Behold the presentation of the final piece, artistically arranged and awaiting your fork. Salivating as you anticipate the climax of flavors teasing your senses, the smells emanate from the plate as you learn about what is in store for your taste buds. Paired with your choice of an assortment of wines, chosen to accompany this meal, you will embark on the night’s journey. Food, wine, ahhhhhhh!

Wine not…..?

local idaho Wine tasting on the Main Salmon

Get ready for an adventure in New World wines from the wineries of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California and the Old World wines of Europe. Your palate will be delighted time and time again as you take a journey through the wineries of the world. Bringing humor and intellect, our sommelier Pug Ostling of Boise, Idaho will introduce you to new varieties each evening. As you dig your toes into the sand, languish in the beauty of the wilderness that surrounds you, and share stories with your new friends, Pug will take you on a journey of wines that you will never forget. And when you least expect it, he’ll surprise you again!

Are you tempted yet?

Just in case, here’s a peek into the past.

Our Culinary Confluence Menu from 2017

Night #1
Global Cheese Platter w/ Lemon Thyme Chutney & Cherry Rhubarb Compote
Wild Sockeye Salmon w/ Pistachio Nut Relish & Lemongrass Mint Sauce
Black Forbidden Rice w/Orange Blossom
Polynesian Green Papaya Salad
Double Chocolate Mousse Torte w/ White Chocolate Ganache & Huckleberry Swirl

Night #2
Molten Pistachio Crusted Brie w/Caramelized Dates & Rainbow Carrots
Dry-Rubbed Grilled Rib-Eye Roast w/Gorgonzola & Chives
Roasted Red, White & Blue Duck Fat Potatoes
Wild Mushroom Sauté
Radicchio & Apple Salad w/Parmesan Fricos
Port Poached Pears w/Mascarpone & Honey Cayenne Pecans

Night #3
Grilled Shrimp with Basil & Mango w/Cinnamon Cabernet Sauce
Grilled Lemongrass Stuffed Cornish Game Hens
W/Massaman & Green Basil Curry
Smashed Fried Sweet Potatoes
Meyer Lemon Carrot Slaw
Salted Caramel Cheese Cake w/Caramel Sauce & Candied Oranges & Toasted Sesame Seeds

Night #4
Maryland Crab Cakes & Achiote Shrimp w/Endive & Zippy Sauce
Melon & Prosciutto w/Field Greens & Mint Vinaigrette
Portabella Kiss (Portabella Pine Nut Baked Pastry) w/Roasted Poblano Sauce & Creamy Garlic Basil Sauce
Brussel Sprout Leaves w/Chorizo & Toasted Almonds
Burnt Peaches and Figs w/Amaretto, Lemon Zest & Mint


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Photos by Sallie Hodges with Gingerbicky Productions