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Everything you need to know about camping on the Salmon River

Comforts on Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rafting Trips

Although the Middle Fork and Main Salmon rivers offer different styles of whitewater and scenery, the camping experience for both of the rafting trips is very similar – and equally fabulous! Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or have never slept outside, you are sure to find the river camping experience a wonderfully comfortable one. Here are some of the Canyons-specific ways your riverside accommodations are more “glamping” than “roughing it”, and why you should be excited about your time at camp.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a closet full of camping gear, we’ve got your back! We provide you with everything you need to enjoy a good nights’ rest at camp, from tents to sleeping bags to sleeping pads. Our tents are easy to use and wonderfully spacious, and our guides will ensure that you feel comfortable setting up and taking down your tent. We provide the most amazing mattress-like sleeping pads for each guest. These pads, also called “Paco Pads”, are incredibly comfortable and fit perfectly in your tent. However, they also work just as well sleeping out under the stars! We rent rectangular style sleeping bags, which are warm, clean and offer options. They can be unzipped completely and used as a blanket or as a pad cover, they can be zipped together for two or they can be zipped individually, for a cozy nights sleep. We also provide a variety of camp chairs with nice backrests, enabling you to sit and relax and take in the scenery.


At Canyons, we pride ourselves in serving the best food around, as high-quality cuisine is of the utmost importance to us. We are passionate about using local and organic products, and our fresh produce comes straight from the farmers of Treasure Valley, Idaho and the Canyons’ garden at our headquarters in McCall. We are very proud of our commitment to sourcing locally and sustainably, and we have intentionally crafted our menu to incorporate seasonal and regional products. In addition to using the highest quality ingredients, we take pride in serving up creative, wholesome, and delicious meals that fuel you for a day of river adventures. We take dietary needs seriously, and with advanced notice, we are more than happy to accommodate our guests’ dietary needs accordingly, whether it’s an allergy or a preference.


Though we typically enjoy wonderful weather on both the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon, it is always important to be prepared for inclement weather as well. We recommend that all guests bring a good raincoat and rain pants, as well as something warmer for cool nights; a fleece layer or down jacket make for both functional and cozy options. We recommend bringing one set of clothing for your day on the river, and another for your time at camp. This allows for your camp clothes to stay dry and the option to air out your river clothes at camp. For those warmer nights, don’t be surprised if you see our guides spice up their wardrobe a bit with fun Hawaiian shirts, flowy dresses and the occasional onesie for festive attire. We encourage you to bring a fun piece of clothing too!


After a day on the water, you’ll be ready to kick back and relax. Whether you dig into one of the many books in our library or treat yourself to one of the products in our Spa box, we have a wonderful variety of ways to unwind once you get to camp. If you’re still feeling adventurous, hikes from camp are a great way to explore the wilderness. Or perhaps you like to play games in which case you can ask the guides about their favorite river games and try your skills at a variety of individual and team-oriented games. We have a fire most evenings and love the opportunity this provides to chat, sing, or just take in the beauty of the river.


Feeling anxious about the bathroom situation at camp? Don’t worry, we’ve got a great system and it’s PRIVATE! Read more about our portable toilet called the “groover” here, and believe us when we tell you to prepare for the most scenic bathroom experience of your life.

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Check out how to camp in comfort, read more about river cuisine, or get a sense of a typical day on the river. Still, have questions? Give us a call, one of our reservations team members will be happy to speak with you and discuss in more detail what you can expect in your time on the Salmon.

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