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Beer Tasting, Middle Fork of the Salmon

Hops & High Water 2017

Join Canyons as we partner with Uinta Brewing, for the second year in a row. Experience Idaho’s famous Middle Fork of the Salmon during the exciting high water runoff of early June. Enjoy ample camp time, wilderness exploration and natural geo-thermal hot springs while tasting craft beers, sampling beer cocktails, and indulging your palate with gourmet food pairings.

The history of Uinta Brewing

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, here is a little bit about how Uinta came to be.  Will Hamill founded Uinta Brewing in 1993, and so it began.


Will leases an old mechanic’s garage thus graduating from a bathroom home brew system, to a 15 bbl Brewhouse. It takes months before people stop dropping their cars off for service. With two 30 bbl Fermentation tanks and a 30 bbl Brite tank installed, the first production-sized batch of Cutthroat Pale Ale is made.


The first kegs of Cutthroat hit the market in early February while the first batch of King’s Peak Porter gets kegged. The India IPA (now known as Trader) shortly follows suit and production quickly reaches 2,000 bbl’s of beer. Today, these three beers are old enough to drink themselves.


The installation of a Krones bottling line, capable of capping 130 beers a minute, is a game changer thus allowing for the release of Cutthroat, King’s Peak, Trader and Golden Spike in 12oz bottles.


Uinta beings construction on a new brewery; a 26,000 sq. ft. building designed for production brewing, just in time for the 2002 Winter Olympics.


Uinta’s 15 bbl Brewhouse seems puny in their new space, so they install a 40 bbl brewhouse in its place: fun fact, over 100 unique brews were born on this system which still resides in their brewery today. Uinta goes 100% wind powered – the first business in Utah to do so.


Uinta launches Four+ Brewing Company, an offshoot brand focusing on the elemental process of beer. Monkshine and Wildfire (now known as Wyld) are born thus paving the way for this new line.


Uinta welcomes four 240 bbl indoor fermentation tanks and can now ferment 29,760 gallons of beer at once, about the same amount of beer they made in their first two years combined.


In order to initiate a barrel-aging program, Bourbon and Rye barrels are rolled into the brewery.


Uinta installs a one-of-a-kind Italian bottling line custom built to bottle, cork and cage 750ml bottles of beer and thus the “Crooked Line” is born. These specialty beers are crafted in limited batches and veer from traditional brews, thus inspiring Uinta to commission local artists to design the labels for each release.


Here comes the sun! Uinta installs solar panels on the roof, thus combining wind and solar to power the entire brewery. Simultaneously a newly designed proprietary compass bottle hits the market, insuring that no one will ever get lost with a Uinta bottle in hand.


The purchase and demolition of a church south of the brewery allows for the construction of a 34,000 sq. ft. packaging facility, hence expanding the Uinta campus to 5-acres. Considering that Benedictine Monks were the first people to brew beer, Uinta holds faith that they would be okay with this. At this point, having produced nearly 45,000 bbls of beer, Uinta lands on the Top 50 US craft breweries list–lookout world!


Uinta commissions a Krones AG canning line capable of cranking out over 300 cans per minute, thus releasing the compass cans. As a result, Uinta beers are now adventure-ready and recreationalists everywhere rejoice. Uinta invests in a 5-vessel 135 bbl fully-automated Braukon brewhouse, designed and shipped from Germany. To accommodate the new toy, they expand their north building, hence giving their new brewing equipment a room-with-a view. A sixer of 520 bbl outdoor fermentation tanks arrive thus adding some bling to the breweries exterior.


More outdoor fermentation and brite tanks arrive thus making the brewery capable of producing enough beer to fill over 11 olympic-size swimming pools! As a result Uinta becomes the 38th largest craft brewery in the Nation. Now Uinta beers can be enjoyed in 35 states and their adventure journal is stock-full of stories to tell.

Beer and Rafting

Both are wonderful separate, but are exponentially more enjoyable together. Come experience the world famous Middle Fork of the Salmon. Enjoy playing in fun class III-IV whitewater, hone your skills at blue ribbon trout fishing and relax in the amazing attributes of nature, all the while enjoying a wonderful variety of cold Uinta beers.


Take home some new skills like this:

Hop Nosh IPA Cocktail:

1.5 Gin

.5 Lemon juice

.5 Thyme simple syrup

Top w/ Hop Nosh

*this one is best with a thyme simple syrup which is easy: Bring sugar, water and fresh thyme to a low simmer in a small pot over medium heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Let sit 30 minutes or overnight for a more intense flavor.

– However if you don’t want to deal with that you can just do 1 oz of  lemon cordial (50/50- lemon juice and simple syrup – kind of like lemonade) and nix the Thyme flavor

Free Trip Give Away Rules

The winner will receive one spot on the June 10-15, 2017 Hops & High Water trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon with Canyons and Uinta Brewing. Below outlines what’s included and what’s not included with the spot on the trip.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: waterproof dry bags, tents, ground sleeping pads, wetsuits, type V rafting PFDs and helmets for rafters/inflatable kayakers, camp chairs, souvenir water bottles, gourmet meals and beverages (including beer & wine), use of our hardshell kayaks and whitewater canoes, for those with the appropriate skill level and experience.

WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED: $4/day Recreation Enhancement Act Fee, sleeping BAG rental (optional, and available for $35+tax/pp), backcountry flights (optional, EXCEPT when water levels or conditions require us to launch our Middle Fork trips at Indian Creek, which will require a backcountry flight, for an additional fee. See LOGISTICS / “Getting To the River” for more detail), personal paddling gear for hard shell kayakers and canoeists (see RIVER LIFE / “Boat Choices” for more detail) and guide gratuity.