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Morning Yoga services on the Salmon River

Wilderness Yoga

Yoga was created to prepare the practitioner to sit and meditate with ease. Wilderness yoga is intended to prepare the traveler to navigate the wilds with attunement and grace, constantly moving to become still. In August we will be rafting the Middle Fork and Main Salmon rivers in search of the wildest yoga classrooms on the planet. If you love rafting, adventure and want to reconnect with nature and yourself, you’ve got to join us!

Each day we’ll practice a select yoga sequence, meditation and commitment to our wellbeing. Add an experienced adventure-based yoga instructor, expert rafting guides, gourmet food, hot springs and some of the wildest stretches of navigable rivers in North America and you have a moving paradise for nearly two wild weeks.

Middle Fork & Main Salmon 12-Day Trip, August 6-17, 2019

Yoga Expeditions-Meet your teacher

Jessica Winters has been practicing yoga regularly since 2004. She became a certified Hatha yoga instructor in 2011. She has studied with Bikram and Tony Sanchez. Jessica is the founder of Wilderness Adventure Yoga which specializes in yoga and wilderness expeditions. She has hiked the Appalachian, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest trails, thus achieving a triple crown. Jessica is also certified in NOLS Wilderness Medicine.

Canyons + Wilderness Yoga = A Trip of a lifetime!

Combine Canyons all-star guides, gourmet food, an educational edge and the fun-loving nature of Wilderness Yoga’s experienced instructor Jessica Winters, and you’ve got one AMAZING experience!