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Devon Barker

Natural or Synthetic Clothing?

What to wear on your Salmon river adventure!

When considering what clothes to bring on your Salmon river adventure, you may be wondering what is the difference between natural or synthetic fibers? Which is most comfortable on the river?

First, consider that you’ll need to pack river clothes and camp clothes. Please see our webpage here for details on exactly what you’ll need to bring.

Synthetic Clothing on the River

Synthetic fibers are more durable than most natural fibers and can offer you functions like sun protection, quick-drying, stretchy, flexible, “waterproof” and stain-resistant material like this shirt. Synthetic materials you may want to throw in your bag include Capilene, polypropylene, and good ole’ fashioned fleece. You’ll frequently be wet on the river and synthetic fibers dry quickly to keep you warm and comfortable. Especially consider long quick-dry pants in the summer. They will dry quickly and you do not want to experience “boatman’s butt” on your trip. Just ask your river guide and watch them cringe as they explain the embarrassing horrors that a continuously wet rear-end can give you!

Natural Clothing in Camp

Evenings, nights and mornings are when it’s most comfortable to be in natural fibers. It also gives your skin a chance to dry out and air out which your fellow river runners will be appreciative of. Hanging out constantly in non-breathing synthetics can keep your new friends at bay! Nothing feels better than getting out of a hot spring on a cool evening and slipping into some cotton and wool layers before happy hour. Of course, you’ll always want to have rain gear and heavyweight gear like fleece handy just in case!

Award-Winning Versatility of Wool

Wool is also an excellent option on the river and in camp. Heavy to mid-weight wool in June can keep you warm even when it gets wet. In warmer months, lightweight wool is comfortable and offers great protection from the sun.

If you have sensitive skin like me, you’ll find that high-quality wool-like companies such as Smartwool and Icebreaker offer, does not irritate the skin as some starchy feeling synthetics can.

Happy packing and happy shopping! Don’t hesitate to call Canyons if you want to discuss the viability of the contents of your suitcase!

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