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Canyons raft with rainbow flag flying

LGBTQ community rafting adventure.

What is the LGBTQ community trip?

Here at Canyons, we are big believers in the river as a place of acceptance and love, an environment in which everyone can be themselves, knowing that they are welcomed by a supportive and loving community. That’s why this year we are celebrating our 15th annual LGBTQ community trip, a joyful celebration of diversity, love, acceptance, and of course, the Main Salmon River.

This six-day trip down the Main Salmon River is a truly unique way to spend time with yourself and other people, sharing space, appreciating the outdoors and embracing the calming effect of being completely unplugged. It’s a tradition that we’ve held dear for a while now, a journey that connects people, who are ready to share their stories with one another in one of the most beautiful and nurturing environments in the world. With all of the classic elements of a Canyons river trip, our 2020 LGBTQ trip is ‘Wine and Whitewater’ themed, with a special guest sommelier, at the helm. This LGBTQ river adventure offers a unique opportunity to be present in the glorious Wilderness of Central Idaho, to make stories, and to explore the river. It’s a journey that allows you to be yourself, smile, laugh and have the freedom to let go of inhibitions and boundaries, knowing that there is will be no judgment, only acceptance!

Who’s invited?

As with all of our trips, LOVE and ACCEPTANCE are key Canyons’ values. All of our trips are open to everyone: men, women, straight or gay, but our LGBTQ trip is unique as a celebration of acceptance and a coming together as a tribe on the river.

Never done an overnight rafting trip? No problem. Never slept outside? Even better! You will never believe how comfortable river life can be! No previous experience in whitewater or the outdoors is necessary; if the idea of sleeping under the stars, enjoying beautiful hikes, admiring incredible scenery and wildlife, eating well, drinking fabulously, and bonding with your new river family gives you goosebumps, we are psyched to have you!

What can I expect?

Epic scenery, fun whitewater, amazing food, delicious wine, and an unforgettable community of fun-loving, accepting, and supportive characters! Our trips provide a range of crafts and a variety of opportunities for guests to enjoy their time on the river, from laid-back oar rigs to the hands-on paddle raft, to your very own inflatable kayak or a stand-up paddleboard.

Once we get to camp, we get the party started. Your guides morph from expert river navigators to Michelin starred chefs, whipping up five-star cuisine based on local, fresh ingredients, featuring regional specialties, in the most scenic “kitchen” you can imagine. Each dish is paired expertly with Old World and New World wines, by our Sommelier, who brings knowledge and zest for the art of winemaking that will make you thirsty to expand your palette. End your night sleeping under the stars, with the sound of the river promising an incredible journey ahead of you.

Why does Canyons offer an LGBTQ community trip?

This trip is a welcoming opportunity to experience an incredible wilderness area, meet like-minded individuals, and expand your horizons with the support of the Team Canyons. We encourage you to push your personal boundaries in a safe space, supported by a loving community of friends. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our differences and our similarities while enjoying the incredible, nourishing experience of spending six days on the river.

The world of outdoor adventure can be intimidating, especially for those who may feel that they don’t fit into what the stereotypes of a “typical” outdoor recreationalist are. This trip opens the door to a special experience that is both exciting and challenging, with the knowledge that you are surrounded by a supportive team, who welcomes you, as you are.

“It is a trip that we do now as a company because I feel it helps represent a little of who we are as a loving family. I was ever changed by CANYONS and still continue that journey. Nothing has taught me more about being human. This is why we do this trip and celebrate the coming together of two very special communities.” ~Greg McFadden (owner/operator/guide)

How did this trip come to exist?

Canyons is proudly Gay Owned and Operated since 2010 and has offered gay rafting since 2004. Guide and Owner Greg McFadden is a strong advocate of the life-changing power of the river to lift up this special community, helping one another to experience the powerful forces of nature, as we work through our own differences and personal challenges.

“Because of its healing resound, I always knew that the river could help people. It has helped me learn how to live, how to connect, how to nourish, how to survive, and just how to be. There is no comparison. These lessons dovetail into the LGBTQ community so perfectly. The river community is all about creating a family, looking out for one another, and lifting each other up. This is what saved me. Not just the experience on the river but the people that are drawn to it.” ~Greg McFadden (Owner)

As a team, we advocate acceptance and equality in everything that we do and in ALL aspects of our business. As an equal opportunity employer, our staff represents a balance of gender, choice, age, wisdom, intellect, and creativity.

Why do this trip?

  • Expand your horizons with the support of a like-minded, fun-loving, accepting community.
  • Celebrate wilderness and diversity in a welcoming, relaxed, and BEAUTIFUL environment.
  • Eat amazing food, drink fantastic wine.
  • Enjoy the scenic hikes, natural hot springs, and incredible wildlife of this wilderness area.
  • Push your boundaries and discover the fun of whitewater, cheered, and supported by your river tribe.
  • Revel in the camaraderie of river life, the LGBTQ community, and the Canyons family

Join us!

Book LGBTQ 2022

Questions about 2023 LGBTQ trips? Contact Us.

More questions? Contact us at

We love sharing this very special trip with our Canyons family, and we invite you to join the tribe!

We can’t wait to share the river with you!

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