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Womens yoga

Womens Yoga & Paddling Retreat

For the Ladies…

A group of women is beautiful in the instant connection and camaraderie that forms.  Bonds are formed that can last a life time and friendships are made that can stand the tests of time.

Idaho’s Main Salmon ‘River of no Return’ is a perfect venue for a Womens yoga and paddling retreat. The Main Salmon offers fun options for all levels, whether you are a hard shell kayaker, open boater, SUP, inflatable kayaker or oar raft rider. With it’s fun class III-IV whitewater and pool & drop nature, there is excitement and tranquility for everyone. The big beautiful beaches provide a perfect play ground for yoga practice and the wilderness provides peaceful stillness for internal and external reflection.

Meet the instructors:

Women & Paddling

Anna Levesque owns Girls at Play and is a DAGGER sponsored paddler. She is a professional whitewater kayaker, a stand up paddleboard instructor trainer, a certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, a yoga teacher and an author. Anna is committed to helping her clients reach their paddling, health and wellness goals on and off the water. She spends her time working individually with clients, teaching courses, leading paddling trips, practicing yoga and exploring the world on any number of crafts. Her accomplishments include paddling in the Olympics and the release of her new book, Yoga for Paddlers.

Women & Yoga

Laura Fallon resides in Arizona and owns Laura Fallon Yoga. Laura began her yoga practice in 1998 and started teaching yoga in 2002. Throughout the years, she has studied many different styles of yoga. Laura’s devoted passion for the outdoors, has also influenced her as a teacher. She understands what it is like to walk into a yoga class and feel intimidated, stiff and unsure of what to do. As an instructor, Laura creates a space to heal, and to learn about your body, mind and spirit.  She will work you through specific postures to help you gain what you may not have at the moment, working individually with your strength and flexibility. Her goal is to keep you doing the things you love, more safely and fully. Laura will encourage you to challenge what you think you can do and discover the limitlessness of what is possible.

A Beautiful Union

Imagine….the sounds of nature, birds chirping, water gurgling, the wind rustling through the trees. You are laying in Shavasana, on a pristine white sand beach, surrounded by beautiful women, amazing wilderness and peaceful silence. You rise with the sun and begin your day with yoga practice. You then spend the day paddling the clear waters of the Main Salmon, the River of No Return. And then you finish the day with another perfectly timed yoga session, followed by a locally sourced gourmet dinner, prepared fresh for you by your lovely guides.

Together Laura, Anna and the wonderful lady guides of Team Canyons will create an amazing environment, designed specifically for women. Come join like minded women in an adventure that will hone your paddling and your yoga practice, and will change your life forever!